Welcome to the Start of Term

This week, we welcomed more than 60 new families to St Mary’s. Our current pupils and guardian angels have welcomed new friends with open arms, guiding them through a busy first week. As always, it was lovely to see girls joining us from nearby primary and prep schools as well as from all over the world. We are also thrilled to have several daughters of our St Mary’s alumnae joining the school.

Many thanks to Clare Young and the Friends of St Mary’s who hosted a drop in session for new and existing parents last Saturday. It was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to meet up ahead of the start of term and coincided well with the pre-season hockey training.

On Sunday, boarding parents joined Mrs Young for a drinks reception.  This was a lovely opportunity for them to meet other parents.  On Monday, our new day families were greeted with coffee/tea and pastries and an opportunity to meet more of the St Mary’s staff.  New girls were introduced to their tutors, houseparents and guardian angels, who will look after them during their first few weeks at the school.

The new boarders have settled in well, enjoying evenings sipping hot chocolate and making new friends. All of them enjoyed their welcome gift too – the St Mary’s water bottle!

Last night, Hewarth parents joined Mrs Young and staff for a drinks reception and next week we look forward to welcoming sixth form parents to drinks in Mary Ward house. These events are a lovely opportunity for new families to meet other families in the school and more are planned throughout the term.

More pictures on the start of term can be found here.