UIII York Retreat

UIII went on a wonderful trip to York at the weekend. We learnt about different landmarks, various cultures and especially Mary Ward!  We visited places such as Mount Grace, where we explored the ruins of the medieval houses and learnt facts about how the monks would have lived.  We then went to the Bar Convent, and enjoying meeting previous staff and pupils of St Mary’s. We were given a talk about Mary Ward before heading into a lovely church for Mass. We also visited The Shambles and bought a few souvenirs to bring back home!

The following day we visited Fountains Abbey and had fun dressing up as monks and learning about what their timetable for an average day would have been. A highlight was definitely visiting York Minster and attending Evensong.

We had lots of delicious food and hot chocolate, enjoyed making rosaries, going shopping and watching a film on the last night.

Thank you Miss Connolly and Mrs James for ensuring we had the best time!

by Jemima K, UIII

St Mary's Shaftesbury-UIII York Retreat 1 St Mary's Shaftesbury-UIII York Retreat 2