UIII Retreat to York

UIII enjoyed some glorious weather during their retreat to York last weekend.  This four-day trip is an opportunity for our girls to discover more about our foundress Mary Ward, her life and education.  The trip was lead by Mrs Hill, Miss Connelly and Mrs Whitehead who thoroughly enjoyed spending time with this delightful, engaged group of girls.

The girls stayed at York’s youth hostel where they were able to enjoy some outdoor space, cosy dorms and time for craft activities when they weren’t busy seeing the sights of York.  The group made their own rosary beads on the first night, learning a bit more about the prayers and deeper meanings of the rosary.  The following morning, when they visited the ruins of the Mount Grace priory they said the rosary outdoors in the sunshine using their own beads- a wonderful experience.

On the same day the girls also visited the Bar Convent and its fantastic exhibition about the history of Mary Ward and the convent’s own story.  There they had the opportunity to meet nuns who had previously taught at St Mary’s and there was real joy for the girls and Sisters as they talked about life at the school then and now.

At Fountains Abbey the girls took part in a ‘Day in the Life of a Monk’ workshop, dressing up and immersing themselves in the experience.  There was also time to look around the ancient city of York, including a bit of shopping, and the journey home was broken up with a picnic stop at the stunning Yorkshire sculpture park.

As well as some time for spiritual reflection and a huge amount of learning about religious orders and the history of some of the orders in York, the retreat provided a super opportunity for this tight-knit group of girls to enjoy time together learning and stretching their wings in a beautiful city.

You can see a gallery of photographs from the trip here!