Thought for the Week – 3 May 2019

Exam season is upon us at St Mary’s and our girls, who already work hard and strive to achieve their best, are called to strive harder; aspiring to reach their full academic potential. However, it is not only academic work that is taking place. The emotional labour of supporting each other and staying motivated even when challenged by the sometimes overwhelming feelings of the task at hand should not be underestimated. When friends are struggling you take it in turns to give a pep talk and get back on track. You work together to revise and share your knowledge bases filling in the gaps for each other. You motivate each other to work when the temptation to watch just one more episode is almost too much. You share notes and study tips and make those endless cups of tea and coffee all in an effort to keep each other going. It is this work that carries you through a testing time. Treating each other with kindness and understanding and being ready to support your friends, however difficult you may be finding the day, is something you should take enormous pride in. Consider yourselves a success. Undoubtedly in 20 years’ time when you can scarcely remember the numbers on the piece of paper you will open this August you will certainly remember the friends who were there with you. There is little doubt that your hard work and motivation will pay dividends and we look forward to sharing in your joy on results day but remember to measure success in more than just grades.

‘Strive not to become a person of success but rather strive to become a person of value.’ Albert Einstein


By Susannah Hill
Deputy Head (Pastoral) & Head of Boarding