Talented Tennis at AEGON Schools Tournament

Last week, Ioana, Sofia, Gaby and Munashe went to Sherborne for the final match of the AEGON Schools tennis tournament. The match was a fantastic play off between the two dominant teams of this tournament and delivered all the excitement and incredible rallies that a Wimbledon final would be proud of.

The four singles games were incredible battles with long rallies, many games going to deuce and being won on a point’s difference. The luck of the bounce, the net cord, the line calls, the second serve hitting the net were all factors in winning and losing points in the games.  Sherborne just hung on longer to win despite the persistent, determined and tactical play from our girls.

In the doubles, the girls played their hearts out with Ioana and Sofia giving their best performances but losing out to two very talented players. On the other court, a battle of wits and tactics had resumed. Gaby was sensational, passing shots down the line, fast and furious first serves and cool, calm net play. Munashe was strong, confident and filled all of us watching (including the opposition and parents) with wonder and respect at her ability to dig deep and find the shots when it mattered. Their performances were rewarded with a 7-5 win.

Sherborne won, but St Mary’s put on an impressive performance with some very talented tennis.