Staff Pantomime Entertains Pupils on Mary Ward Day

The long-awaited (and top secret!) school pantomime entertained the whole school community yesterday with its impressive staff cast. Written by the talented Chris Sykes, Head of Drama, we were treated to a humorous tale of Aladdin (Mrs Dixon) and his/her quest to marry the beautiful Princess Jasmine (Mrs Cheadle). Son of the hilarious Widow Twankey (Mr Dalton) and brother to Wishee-Washee (Mr Goodwin) and his girlfriend, Splishy-Splashy (Miss Connolly), Aladdin encountered trials and tribulations in his bid to become wealthy enough to get Emperor Pen-Qui’in (Mr Forrester) and Empress Me-Much (Mrs James)’s approval to marry their daughter, all the time escaping the clutches of the police and the evil sorcerer, Abanazar (Mr Sykes).

Eventually travelling to the cave, on Wonkey the Donkey (Mr Hayes), in search of treasure, he was tricked by Abanazar in giving him the magic lamp only to find himself trapped. Thanks to Frodo, the Slave of the Ring (Mrs Whitehead), and Florence, the Genie of the Lamp (Mrs Young), he makes several wishes, helping him to escape and pursue his love and save her from the clutches of the evil sorcerer. A tale of love, high drama, magic and many accents (well done Mrs Blanco and Mr Gardner!), wonderful costumes, make-up and music, the pantomime generated shrieks of laughter, rounds of applause and all the traditional “It’s behind you,” and “Oh yes he did..” amongst the pupil audience. Well done and thank you to everyone involved particularly Mr Sykes who wrote such a superb and very amusing script.

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Apologies for those members of the cast not mentioned – you were all terrific!