St Mary’s Shaftesbury- Outstanding GCSE Results!

Another crop of excellent results landed at St Mary’s Shaftesbury today as girls celebrated some truly excellent GCSE and IGCSE grades.  A whopping 82% of all grades were between A*-B, well above the national average.  Girls continue to score very highly across all subjects at the school. Particularly impressive were the results achieved by Cecily Perry-Robinson, Megan Feltham, Heidi He and Mary Lawrence, all of whom were awarded at least 10 or more GCSEs all at A* or A grade.

St Mary’s haven’t been affected by the shift to numbers rather than letters in the GCSE grading system yet, because of the combination of GCSE and IGCSE courses offered.  The first number grades will appear next year.

Deputy Head, Academic, Dr Chris Enos said, “We couldn’t be more pleased with these results; they are testament to the hard work of the girls and the dedication of our staff here.  On top of all the co-curricular activities the girls take part in, they continue to work to the highest possible standards in their academic lessons.  Huge congratulations are due all round.”