St Mary’s Hosts Primary School Swimming Gala

Ten primary schools visited St Mary’s Shaftesbury last week to compete in the Annual Primary Schools Gala. Year 5 and 6 pupils from St Mary’s Marnhull, Wardour, Ludwell, Wyke, St George’s Bourton, Stower Provost, Pimperne, Archibshop Wake joined St Mary’s Shaftesbury girls in the gala held in the school’s swimming centre.

It was the first time, in nine years of running the event, that all North Dorset Primary Schools took part. The gala offers superb preparation for the official North Dorset Swimming Gala, which will be held at St Mary’s next term, offering a chance to qualify to compete at County level. It gives pupils a chance to compete within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, whilst gaining valuable experience about the rules of a gala under the guidance of teachers and organisers.

All the children swam superbly with some exceptional talent displayed across a range of schools. There was a real sense of sportsmanship among team members, congratulating and supporting each other at the end of races and a huge support from parents and teachers. Pimperne were the winners of the year 5 and 6 combined trophy.

The winner of the Y5 5 & 6 combined trophy was Pimperne.

Results for the Yr5 age group:

 1st = Pimperne, 2nd = Archbishop Wake, 3rd = Blandford St Mary

 Results for the Yr6 age group:

1st = St Mary’s, Marnhull, 2nd = Pimperne, 3rd = Archbishop Wake

We look forward to welcoming all the schools again and more swimmers from around North Dorset when we host the Y5 & 6 North Dorset Swimming Gala on Friday 22nd March 2019.

St Mary's Shaftesbury-St Mary's Hosts Primary School Swimming Gala