St Mary’s Hosts First Archery Competition

This week, St Mary’s hosted its first ever Archery competition against Gillingham School. Eight St Mary’s archers took part.

The competition had a superb atmosphere and consisted of two and half dozen (30) arrows with all archers shooting well. St Mary’s managed to secure the team event win with 1212 versus Gillingham School Archery Club’s 1143.

Congratulations to the top three archers in the individual competition. Position 1 and 2 went to Gillingham with Olivia Owen, from St Mary’s, placed 3rd in the competition with a score of 204 (an average of 6.8/10 scored per arrow). This is an impressive  result for an archer that has not shot in competition prior to this event.

The other archers from St Mary’s finished in the following positions:

Valentina – 5th (scoring 186)

Devon – 6th (scoring 184)

Sixtine – 7th (scoring 165)

Lottie – 8th (scoring 153)

Meg – 9th (scoring 149)

Julissa – 13th (scoring 89)

Maria – 15th (scoring 82)

Archery was introduced to St Mary’s in 2018 and is coached by Miss Rees, PE Teacher, Level 2 Archery Coach and G.B. International Archer, and her father, Andrew Rees, County Coach and also a G.B. International Archer.

Archery is a sport for all, an individual (or team) sport that offers the opportunity to teach girls body awareness, focus and discipline.

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