St Mary’s Hosts Day of Recollection for Parents and Parishioners

Last week, St Mary’s  warmly welcomed the CFD (Comunità dei Figli di Dio) or the Community of the Sons and Daughters of God which was founded by Don Divo Barsotti, (1914 – 2006), preacher to Pope Paul VI.

Throughout the day, which began with a very moving and spiritual Mass, Father Doroteo led parents, parishioners and staff in reflections on two main themes: Forgiveness and Fasting from Judging Others. Thought provoking presentations, handouts, prayers and confession enabled all those present to “see with new eyes,” the healing power that these two teachings have on the spiritual wellbeing of the individual, which is so needed in today’s world where division is apparent.

Lunch was shared to emphasise the companionship that is brought about through sharing bread together and stories were shared which fostered a real sense of community.

This is the first time that St Mary’s has offered such a retreat within a working day, but the experience has shown that it is possible to take time out within the busyness of everyday life. We hope that the community will return next year and in the meantime St Mary’s offers many thanks and prayers for their work which, although monastic, is very much focused on the everyday life that we all experience.