St Mary’s Alumnae Come Together for Mass in London

On Thursday evening, we celebrated our first Alumnae Mass in the beautiful surrounding of St Mary’s, Cadogan Street in London. Around 90 Old Girls from SOGA (St Mary’s Old Girls Association) and their families joined us for what was a joyous occasion. Amongst those who attended, one lady, now in her 80s, joined St Mary’s at the first intake in 1945 at the age of 6. We welcomed former staff and alumna, Sister Ann, and several generations of some families who all had super anecdotes to share.

Fr Shaun led a wonderful service with hymns evoking memories of days at St Mary’s, including ‘As I Kneel Before You’, ‘Longing for Light’, We Wait in Darkness’ and ‘Ubi Caritas’. Many stayed for post-Mass drinks or went on for reunion dinners afterwards.

The very hospitable Fr Shaun has invited us back to St Mary’s, Cadogan, for another alumnae mass in the summer and to make use of the church garden for drinks afterwards.

St Mary's Shaftesbury-St Mary's Alumnae Come Together for Mass in London 1

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