Sports Awards Dinner

We had a wonderful Senior Sports Awards evening this week, marking the 10 year anniversary of the ceremony, which not only recognizes the high level of performance and achievement by the girls from LV-UVI in each of our major sports, but also the progress, effort and Sportsmanship by all those that represent our St Mary’s in sport.

We were privileged to have an outstanding Guest Speaker, Sam Murray, GB Pentathlete, an Olympic Medalist, and World Champion. She gave an inspiring, motivational talk and demonstration of some of the skills involved in her discipline.

Full colours were awarded in the following:


Izzy Northcott

Fizz White


Georgia Freely

Cressida Black

Elizabeth Anderson

Issy Northcott

Olivia Willis


Caro Borton

Izzy Northcott


Caro Borton

Izzy Northcott

The ‘Head’ Cup for Sporting Endeavour

Bego Varela Ciordia