Skype Interview with Professor Winston

Last year girls in our Medical Ethics Society went to hear Professor Robert Winston give a lecture titled Modifying Humans. He was so very inspirational that in January of this year Director of Mission Ethos Jacintha Bowe emailed him to ask if the Society could hold a Skype interview and mini-seminar with him. Professor Winston was most amenable to the idea and she and the Society members looked forward to the event with great anticipation. In preparation for the interview, the group looked at the ethical issues surrounding developments in genetic modification, IVF treatment, and what it means to be human.

Commenting, student Kirstie Stage said, “Professor Robert Winston spoke with such passion when answering our questions. We covered topics from the ethics of DNA profiling to the politics of doctors striking. The discussion about religion and science was compelling, especially in a multicultural society like Britain because he brought up some of the difficulties that he has faced and the importance of being able to accept a change in ethics. It was incredibly useful for the girls thinking of pursuing a career in Medicine and Biochemistry, as well as those with general interest.”

Student and society member Hannah Langton found the Skype interview particularly useful because she is currently working on an Extended Project Qualification on CRISPR and genome editing.