Sixth Form Theatre Club Trip

Nineteen members of the Theatre Club started off the new year with a visit to see “Twelfth Night” at Stratford on Avon on a brilliantly sunny Saturday and we all agreed that a vivid and vibrant live theatre production like this is second to none. After time in the town for lunch and sightseeing, we watched a wonderful show, set at the end of the nineteenth century, in the age of aestheticism.

The sets were stunning, capturing the luxury of the Edwardian era and exotic too; with Viola, Sebastian and Feste portrayed as Indian royalty referencing the period’s fascination with the sub-continent. Equally, the production paid homage to Oscar Wilde which was particularly relevant to some of the UVI, who are studying his plays for English Literature A Level, and to the music of Gilbert and Sullivan; the action was full of song and music played by a live orchestra.

The LV will be going to Stratford in June to watch a much anticipated production of their GCSE text “Romeo and Juliet” which we are all looking forward to; romantic, relevant to this age group and ultimately tragic; what more could you ask for?