Sixth Form Taster Day and Open Evening

Last week’s Sixth Form Taster Day was a great success, with our UV getting the chance to try out some of the subjects they’re considering taking at A Level here at St Mary’s. Finding the passions they share with our teachers is one of the joys of studying subjects in greater depth in their last years at school.

St Mary's Shaftesbury-Sixth Form Taster Day and Open Evening

During the day girls experienced lessons lead by the teachers who head up A Level studies in those subjects at the school, getting a real taste of the way the GCSE curriculum opens out for A Level study in subjects with which they are familiar, and what the course content is for subjects entirely new to them.

St Mary's Shaftesbury-Sixth Form Taster Day and Open Evening 2

Later in the afternoon, UV parents joined their daughters in the hall for a fair at which each department was present to answer questions about sixth form study and where certain subjects and combinations of subjects could lead in Higher Education and beyond. Our Head of Sixth Form and Deputy Head Academic led talks on the broader offering at Sixth Form at St Mary’s, including our Life Skills Programme and the ways we are able to give girls a rich, full experience which leaves the well prepared (and hungry for!) the world after school. Parents had the chance to ask questions about the UCAS process and more, and families left abuzz with excitement about the opportunities available here at the school.