Sixth Form Take Part in ‘Debating Matters’

Last week, a group of sixth-formers went to Sherborne Girls to take part in Dorset’s first ‘Debating Matters’ competition. With seven other schools competing, the standard of debating was incredibly high, ending in an intense final between Sherborne and Gillingham School.

Throughout the day, teams of two debated on a number of topics including social egg freezing, letting controversial historical monuments remain and for Universal Basic Income. The questions and counter arguments asked by the rival team, and the audience, were matched by those from the prestigious judges, including Claire Fox.

We were all pushed outside the box when answering questions like: ‘Should statues of Buddha remain in non-Buddhist countries?’ and ‘Does social egg freezing give women false hope about their chances of pregnancy?’

It was a superb event for all the St Mary’s girls who took part and has inspired us to take more of an interest in debating some of the tough issues facing society today.

by Saskia (LVI)

Head of Sixth Form, Dominic Simmons, adds, “Saskia is far too modest to say that she was one of a small handful of competitors to be singled out for an individual commendation with judges praising her for an engaging and imaginative speech in her own debate and for her incisive questions that she asked throughout the day.”