Sixth Form during Lockdown

St Mary’s Sixth Form girls have proved themselves remarkably resourceful during lockdown. Astonishingly, rather than leaving School at the time they would have left in a normal year, many of the UVI have continued to attend enrichment sessions and mentored learning. They have contributed to numerous clubs, societies and our St Mary’s Podcast/Radio website. Mima (UVI) has become the new Editor of the St Mary’s Podcast website ( Many sixth formers sent song requests and messages to Salisbury Hospital Channel 1, Radio Odstock for their ‘Sixth Form takeover’, which kept them in touch in a new way.

We have been visited ‘remotely’ by celebrity speaker, Chantal Rickards, alumna and TV Producer and Director of Masterchef, Through the Keyhole, Countdown, This Morning BBC. She regaled us with her terrific stories of being CE of BAFTA, Hollywood.

We were also ‘visited’ by another amazing alumna speaker, Claire Barrett, who spoke about women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and careers in IT. She opened the girls’ eyes to career ideas they have never considered!