Shutterbabes Visit Julia’s House to Present a Cheque for £1000

This week, a group of pupils visited Julia’s House to present them with a cheque for £1000. The fundraising has been carried out throughout the year by Shutterbabes, the school’s photography enterprise group, which has been selling cards and calendars, and carrying out photoshoots.

“After initially feeling apprehensive, the whole experience of visiting Julia’s House was amazing and made us realise how wonderful the people are that work there,” (Meg)

“Going to Julia’s House was an eye-opening experience and made us feel lucky that we have the lives that we do and reminded us not to take anything for granted.” (Maddie)

“Reflecting on the visit, it is clear to see that Julia’s House had an impact on all of us who were lucky enough to go. Our trip marked a wonderful end to our Shutterbabes journey, (when we leave the school in the summer), and we wish the new group of Shutterbabes the best of luck for the future as they continue to raise money for such an inspirational charity.” (Helena and Millie)

Julia’s House is a local children’s hospice which provides comfort and care to families across Wiltshire and Dorset.