Science Trip to ‘We The Curious’

On Wednesday 27th June, LV and LVI scientists went to ‘We The Curious‘ in Bristol.   The girls visited the planetarium, participated in multiple activities, and visited a workshop based on the science of scent.

Science Prefect, Hannah Langton, said: “The planetarium had a captivating 3D simulation and we explored around the universe, looking at planets and stars present around Earth, including a closer look at the planet Saturn and one of its moons called Pan. We then participated in many fascinating activities such as sound bite which is hearing music through your teeth, testing out thermal cameras, observing the veins in our arms with a near-infrared scanner and many more. Lastly, we went to a workshop on the science of scent where we discussed the science, art and psychology involved within the perfume industry. We had a look at the different chemical structures and how they impact the aroma given off. Alongside the chemistry, we also looked at the different notes within a perfume and the basic terminology used by the perfume industry on how different scents are described.”