Sandhurst STEM Careers Day

On Thursday 24th May, Mr Lawrence and Miss Raymond took a group of 15 girls to the Royal Military College at Sandhurst for a STEM careers day.  This was a joint venture between the Army and industry to showcase the breadth of educational and career pathways into STEM careers for young aspiring female students. Around 900 girls, aged 11-15 years, attended from around the country.

The day began with a series of inspirational talks by women at the pinnacle of their selected fields. These included Brigadier Sara Sharkey who spoke with passion about her career in the armed forces. Sharon Duffy (Head of Transport Infrastructure at Transport for London) was also very enthusiastic about her work, the challenges she faces on a daily basis and the skills she developed through her work in Engineering.

We attended two large careers fairs and met with many female representatives from a range of companies.  We enjoyed interactive tasks which included driving a virtual reality train, building magnetic bridges, a reaction-time challenge and sitting inside a military helicopter. Major highlights were dressing in the bomb disposal protection clothing (which was very heavy!) and operating the bomb diffusing robot, as well as cracking a code in a simulation and being able to operate one of the real enigma machines from WW2.

This trip gave our pupils a great opportunity to see how studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths can lead to a huge range of careers for women. This was a wonderfully inspiring trip and we hope Sandhurst will organise this day again.