Pupils Protest against Plastic

Last Friday, a group of 12 pupils from St Mary’s School, Shaftesbury, demonstrated against the use of plastic, outside Tesco in Shaftesbury. The girls from Years 9 and 10 handed out flyers on how to help de-plastify your life and find suitable alternatives. Pupils handed out brown paper bags for customers to use, rather than plastic ones, for their fruit and vegetables and encouraged the public to sign a petition promoting plastic-free supermarkets, which are currently a hub for single-use plastics. The petition, which has currently collected over 430 signatures, will be sent to the CEO of Tesco.

“We wanted Tesco to take a proactive role in tackling the plastic crisis by phasing out single-use plastic and instead invest in reusable packaging and new delivery systems. We hope we can encourage people to make simple changes to their lifestyles, which can make a big difference to the planet. As young people, we believe it is our mission to create a better future for everyone,” said St Mary’s Shaftesbury pupil, Lily M, aged 15.