Prizegiving at the House of Lords

On Tuesday, proud winner of the Christian Writers’ competition, Alice J, went to London to receive her prize: a tour around Westminster and the Houses of Parliament followed by afternoon tea with Baroness Cox. Learning about the history of Parliament from experienced historian Joanna Bogle was eye-opening, especially as it drew out the connections between the great historical events of the past and linked it with our present day reality. Standing on the spot where St Thomas More was sentenced was humbling, as was the experience of standing at the places where recent monarchs lay in state.

Following this we were taken across the road to the individual rooms of the House of Lords. Baroness Cox had recently arrived back from Syria and before the distribution of prizes , she gave a passionate speech about the plight of the refugees. Alice received her prize to great applause and afterwards Baroness Cox praised her submission.  We look forward to hosting Baroness Cox at St Mary’s in the near future.

Jacintha Bowe, Director of Mission and Ethos