Much like our academic approach, our pastoral care is focused on empowering our girls. It is forward-thinking and aims to ensure pupils are equipped with the skills to confidently face the challenges of life beyond school.

We foster an authentic sense of wellbeing, giving each girl the courage to face the unexpected and challenge the ordinary.

St Mary’s girls radiate an inner confidence and resilience borne of outstanding teaching and learning, strong Catholic spiritual formation, secure interpersonal skills and deep bonds of friendship. We are part of a worldwide network of schools which embrace the values of Mary Ward, who championed the role of women in society and spiritual life These founding traditions continue to lie at the heart of our community. 

Whilst the majority of our pupils are Catholic, many are not, and the school is proud of its ecumenical and inter-faith provision.  Families are drawn to our ethos because it embodies the traditional values of compassion, kindness, tolerance, discipline, and a strong moral code. The chapel is at the very heart of our school; it is a place of worship, a meeting point, a location for quiet reflection and the setting for outstanding musical performances.

In keeping with the Mary Ward ethos, we prioritise the pastoral care and spiritual growth of girls during their time at the school, whilst also striving for academic excellence.  By nurturing, instilling a culture of praise and providing ample opportunity to pursue intellectual development through academic projects and co-curricular activities, we create a stimulating environment in which girls can flourish.