Out of this World!

On Monday 29th January 2018, Mr Lawrence, Dr Caunt & Mr Forrester took some of the LV, UV and Sixth Form to a talk by Dr. Suzie Imber at Yeovil College. The talk was very interesting, thought provoking and inspiring.

Dr Imber spoke about her time on the BBC programme ‘Astronauts: Do you have what it takes?’ which she won against admirable contestants under the supervision of the International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield. She spoke in detail about her personal experience of the process and she is clearly an excellent role model for women and young people like ourselves.

She encouraged everyone to focus on their weaknesses so that we can continually improve ourselves, which was a very motivating message. She spoke a great deal about the sports in which she partakes: playing lacrosse for England, being an elite rower and a lover of mountaineering, demonstrating her devotion and persistence. She also told us to try new things and practice them constantly, even if we fail at first. She specifically referred to a form of Kung Fu that she took up to challenge herself and, having spent many hours a week training, she is finally succeeding in. Her sporting ability is also reflected in how she managed to overcome some of the more physically challenging tasks on the astronaut programme, such as escaping an underwater capsule four times consecutively and being in a centrifuge at 4g.

Dr Imber also spoke about computer coding; she had the opportunity to experiment with a super computer which led to her discovery of many unknown mountains in South America—a particularly impressive feat.

Perhaps what made her talk so very motivational, was her encouragement towards women in science and engineering, and her message to “follow your dreams”.

Her attitude towards the challenges, both in the television programme and those she has faced in her career, makes her tenacity even more admirable. The talk was fascinating and encouraging, and we really hope that we get to see Dr. Imber go into space soon.

Anastasia Compton and Agnes Perry-Robinson – UV