Netball Matches v Monkton Combe

The U14As continued their unbeaten run on Saturday with a fantastic whole team performance. Slick, fluid passing, tight effective defence and an understanding between players that created unstoppable goals! Despite not having Ioana, the team maintained a cool, calm exterior as they worked to hold a convincing win.

Fantastic defence from Mush and Immy, flawless shooting from Poppy and Alice and beautiful passing and linking from Fleur, Charlotte and Penny was a joy to watch. The Monkton coach couldn’t have been more complimentary about our team and admitted being stunned at some points in the game by our teams ability and skill. Well done everyone, for a very successful match!

Won 36-5


The U14B team started strongly and maintained excellent pace, timing and rhythm throughout the game. After the first quarter, we had established a good lead. Ella, Lottie and Lily in the mid court worked feverishly to win back the ball with some great interceptions, passing some fantastically hard accurate passes which Monkton could not get near. The team continued to pull away throughout the next 2 quarters and by the final quarter, Nixie’s confidence was flying as she and Emilia pinged balls through the net from the back of the D! With Issy and Mollie intercepting strongly in the defending third, we denied Monkton any more goals and finished the game with our best performance in the last quarter. Fantastic effort from the whole team. Well done!

Won 22-2


The U15B team played a consistent and very physical Monkton side. There were only 2 goals in it by half time due to some excellent defence from Bea and Tabs and great mid court play from Theo, feeding the shooters some strong ball into the D. We were agile and accurate in attack with some good passages of play, but Monkton defence held strong and prevented Megs, Katy and Tildy from getting into their rhythm. In the last quarter, the very physical game took its toll on our strength in passes and tight defence resulting in Monkton pulling away. A great team spirit, with determined and tireless effort from everyone made me very proud of the team’s performance today.

Lost 3-11


Although the First team had many players absent on the day, the girls shuffled positions around in order to maximise their chances against what was a well-established Monkton 1st team.

St Mary’s held their own brilliantly in the first quarter with only one goal between the two teams. The pace of play was fast and some fantastic shooting between Issy and Caro as well as great teamwork around the circle to maintain possession, albeit against a very tight defence from Monkton.

The girls showed great determination and spirit throughout the game although Monkton managed to increase the gap.

A great effort from all of the girls and praise for their versatility and adaptability in positions.

Lost 40 – 18