“Masks We Wear” – LV Retreat

Retreats form an essential part of the spiritual journey of the individual at St Mary’s. Each year group undertakes one retreat per year on a theme that is related to their spiritual, moral and emotional development. The theme for the LV retreat was the “Masks we Wear”- with an emphasis on being authentic to who you are. The Diocesan Youth Team, a hugely experienced team, worked with the girls as they explored themselves against a media driven society which promotes a certain kind of image. There was much affirmation and a huge amount of fun. One of the youth leaders had flown over from New York and it was interesting to see the interaction between the different cultures.

The emphasis of the retreat was on positivity and ended with a  beautiful meditation in the Sacred Heart church, Tisbury. All students received this retreat very positively and as in the words of one of our students “Unsure of what to expect we were all pleasantly surprised by a thoughtful and relatable retreat. The personal anecdotes and engagement made the experience much more enjoyable and easier to reflect on. Overall a great retreat that connected with everybody.”