LIV Trip to France

The LIV recently returned from a wonderful trip to France.  They travelled to Hermanville-sur-Mer and were welcomed into the Hotel le Canada by hosts, Gildas and Anastasia, who introduced them to French traditions such as aperitifs (grenadine and lemonade!) before supper. The girls enjoyed playing games on Juno Beach before visiting Bavent-la-Poterie, a family-run pottery business where the girls made their own pots.

From there, they attended the College Lechanteur, a local school, and joined in lessons in French and English. They were able to meet the children they had formed friendships with over the past year, exchanging photos of family and life in Dorset versus France. Later, the girls visited La Ferme de Billy where they enjoyed apple juice tasting and were able to bring bottles back for their parents.

The following day, pupils visited the Market in Bayeux and then the Bayeux Tapestry itself, followed by a traditional French lunch in a local café.  Finally, they were moved by the display of WWII film footage at the Musee Circulaire.

The whole trip was a wonderful experience, providing the girls with a taste of French culture and tradition, a glimpse back into History and an opportunity to form good friendships. Since coming back, one of the teachers emailed staff to thank them for bringing the St Mary’s girls to the College.  She commented, “Je nage dans le bonheur” (I am swimming in happiness).

We look forward to forging closer links with the school and offering this opportunity to more of our pupils in the future.

More photos can be found here.