LIV Normandy Trip

Mrs Rowland led a superb LIV trip to Normandy, taking in a huge variety of different cultural experiences. These included a guided History visit to the Bayeux tapestry, a 360 degree cinematic tour of the D-Day landings on the Normandy clifftops, an afternoon making clay masterpieces, and a hazy afternoon spent at a traditional apple farm learning about the produce of the region. Pupils also joined corresponding classes at a school in Caen and enjoyed taking part in language activities and assignments with local children.

After a final evening spent on the beach playing rounders, this memorable experience was topped off on the final afternoon with an emotional and unforgettable tour of a cemetery to commemorate the fallen of World War II.

The girls were impeccably behaved and superb company throughout. Their maturity, enthusiasm and genuine interest in French culture shone through at all times.

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St Mary's Shaftesbury-LIV Normandy Trip 1