Library Buffet Talk on John Donne

On Thursday, Mrs Key, one of our English teachers, gave a wonderful presentation on the poet, John Donne, at the Library Buffet Talk. This talk was the first this year of a series of termly talks offered to staff, governors and selected UVI girls – in this case our English Literature students –  organised by Miss Edmonds, the school’s Librarian.

Mrs Key described her passion for John Donne, a poet and writer who she says encapsulates the Elizabethan era and its turbulence. The “metaphysical poet, player and priest,” inspired Mrs Key at the age of 16 and she described his fascinating life, his loving marriage and his good wit. Miss Edmonds, Mrs Brand and Mrs Holman recited three of Donne’s poems, The Flea, A Valediction – Forbidding Mourning and Meditation XVII. Mrs Key explored some key themes, most notably the famous quote, “no man is an island,” which is particularly apt in today’s political landscape.

Thank you to Mrs Key and the catering team who prepared a delicious buffet for everyone.