Latin Speaking Competition

A group of girls represented St Mary’s at the Latin Speaking competition which is organised every year by the Salisbury branch of the Classical Association, and was hosted this year at Godolphin School in Salisbury.

Daphne E and Annie H from LIII recited from memory a passage from Homer (Junior Greek in translation category); Daphne was placed second, and Annie did especially well as she drew first to speak and declaimed with great assurance and expression.

Two groups of UIII competed against a strong field of competitors from local prep and senior schools acting out a Latin dialogue about a thief at the public baths; the judge commended their lively performance and was impressed by one very plaintive thief.

For the senior Latin poetry (by heart) Aggie P-R and Marie-Therese W very bravely volunteered to learn Horace’s ‘fons Bandusiae’, and were placed second and third respectively.

Congratulations to all who took part; nothing else really gives one ‘ownership’ of a language as much as this, and the poetry learnt is yours for life!