Knit & Stitch Textiles Trip

On Thursday 10th October LV & UV Textiles students travelled to Alexandra Palace in London to visit the Knitting & Stitching Show.

As we entered the wonderful foyer we were immediately greeted by a living textiles sculpture, by Daisy Collingridge, that was an unusual creation but curiously fascinating in how it had been constructed. There were also some re-cycled life rafts, created by artist Sisse Fog Odgaard, that had been decorated with a collection of unfinished knitting which had been sewn together to create wonderful statement pieces.

There were two main areas to the exhibition. The first hall was full of amazing and diverse materials, machines and thousands of gadgets and sewing essentials. Some of us were able to get inspiration form the smallest of items such as a button covered in tiny beads to stencils and stamps. In the second hall there was an overwhelming amount of unique textile pieces by famous artists such as Marian Jazmik and Val Holmes, alongside the Embroiderers Guild, the Quilters Guild and the Royal School of Needlework. All of us found different exhibitors that we were inspired by and we took plenty of pictures of work that will help develop ideas for our GCSE coursework.

A particular highlight was meeting and chatting to some of the Textile degree students that had a stand at the show. They spoke openly about their work and it was fascinating to see where some of us could be in a few years’ time.

The trip gave us a superb opportunity to get to see, up close, the amazing diversity of Textiles and the many applications it can be used for.

Textiles student