Joseph & The ‘Amazing’ Technicolor Dreamcoat

In the penultimate week of a very busy summer term the LIII to UIV were involved in a 50thanniversary production of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ by Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber.

It’s many years since I first experienced my own school’s production of these catchy show tunes, and I’d forgotten (or failed to appreciate back then) how funny these were – thanks to the pitch perfect and clear diction of the singing under the musical direction of Mr Harris. The large ensemble cast demonstrated the hard work of Mr Sykes & Mrs Holman as the story whipped along at a cracking pace, with each musical number seamlessly unfolding this vivid tale of jealousy, revenge and redemption. Our two narrators (Fleur & Sophia) worked really well together, singing, dancing and bouncing off each other – much to the audience’s amusement.

This was a strong cast confidently led by Issy in the title role, and with some surprisingly adult performances (Izzy as Reuben and Ella as the flirtatious wife of Potiphar). Ella together with Fleur and Lily, also helped choreograph the show. Pharaoh (Munashe) probably has the most swaggering part, but what tugged at the heart strings was some clever casting: Camille as Judah had to beg for Benjamin’s life, played by her real-life sister, Victoire.

Thank you to all the cast, crew and, of course, the fabulous musicians of the orchestra who gave such outstanding performances.  More photos here

R Brand, Head of English