Inspiring work in Science!

UIV pupils Valentina and Munashe have been working for a several months on their entries into the Step into the NHS competition. The students firstly had to complete a quiz to see which career in the NHS would suit them. They could then choose to research this career or another which appealed to them. Valentina chose to investigate becoming a psychotherapist and Munashe a midwife.

Their next task was to research the role and write a short report on the qualifications and skills required in that career. Their final task was to produce a creative job advertisement for the career they’d investigated. Both of our girls excelled themselves. Munashe built a beautifully artistic, and informative, baby mobile. Each hanging part on the mobile contained the information about being a midwife. Valentina chose to submit a video and photo entry of the incredible popup book she made instead.

Congratulations to both girls. The competition winners will be announced in March!

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