Historians visit the Imperial War Museum

Delays on the motorways did not stop our UIV historians from engaging with the First World War exhibition at the Imperial War Museum on Tuesday.

The museum’s exhibition of over 1300 objects helped to bring alive the events of the First World War that we have been learning about in the classroom, from weapons, uniforms and equipment to diaries and letters, keepsakes and trinkets, photographs, film and art. The Imperial War Museum describes the exhibition as the richest and most comprehensive in the world.

The girls were enthralled and focused throughout, with many girls eagerly wolfing down their lunch in order to go back in to explore and maximise their time in the gallery. Two of them even managed to persuade a teacher to accompany them into a fascinating film, part of the museum’s short film festival, about the impact of First World War artillery shells.

Staff were, as ever, very pleased by the high standard of behaviour displayed by St Mary’s girls.