Hanford Visit St Mary’s

This week girls from Hanford prep school visited St Mary’s for a series of workshops in the Science and English departments.

On Wednesday the girls joined St Mary’s pupils for a pond dipping activity in the school’s walled garden. The wildlife pond is a wonderful aquatic habitat in which to to discover many amazing and different types of animals. Pupils investigated the largely secret life present below the surface of the pond. They collected pond samples and sifted through these to find creatures: from voracious predators such as mayfly nymphs and great diving beetles; to transparent little freshwater shrimps, and a huge number of pond and ramshorn snails. The girls counted the numbers of species and made some beautiful and carefully observed biological drawings of their favourite animals, whilst discussing their special adaptations that they had for survival in this particular habitat.

 St Mary's Shaftesbury-Prep Visits 2

On Thursday the English department ran a series of workshops entitled ‘Shipwrecked by Shakespeare‘. The theme was all things nautical, so the UIII and Hanford came dressed in a various assortment of sailor-like outfits ready to make masks and act scenes from ‘The Tempest’ and ‘The Merchant of Venice’. The girls were presented with scripts for a collaborative experience. Each workshop was supported by Sixth Form prefects (Saskia, Mima and Aggie), our Gap year student Erin and ex-pupil Bryony Watts who is about to start teacher training having secured a first class degree from Exeter University in English Literature. Over tea and cake, parents watched a showcase of everyone’s efforts that demonstrated what can be achieved over the course of a day with enthusiastic commitment – well done one & all!

St Mary's Shaftesbury-Prep Visits 3
More pictures can be found here.