GSCE Photography Trip to Lacock Abbey


How charming it would be if it were possible to cause these natural images to imprint themselves durably and remain fixed upon the paper! And why should it not be possible? I ask myself.”

William Henry Fox Talbot.


On Monday the 15th October, UV GCSE photography pupils visited Lacock Abbey, Fox Talbot Museum and a 200 year old village.

The museum, which is in a 16th century barn, is home to a collection of the history of photography and William Henry Fox Talbot. W,e learned about how there was a race between Talbot and Daguerre to invent photography. We also studied how photography first started, the history of processes and how cameras have developed through time.

The gallery upstairs is exhibiting ‘First 100 women UK’, a photographic exhibition by Anita Corban. It is a decade-long project capturing striking portraits of 100 pioneering women of the 21st century, across all manners of disciplines, including sport, media, military, business, art, music and politics.

After a quick hot chocolate and brownie, we went around the abbey, which is packed with history. It was first an abbey and nunnery, then a home to a Tudor family and lastly owned by the Talbot Family before becoming the birthplace of photography. We took a photoshoot and saw where Harry Potter had been filmed. During the visit, we learnt that Talbot’s wife and his children all had a passion for drawing and painting. He envied their skills and was desperate to capture botanical studies with the same accuracy and detail as his wife. This was one of the reasons which inspired him to develop the photography techniques.

During the afternoon, we walked around and photographed the quintessential English village, exploring the architecture and where scenes from famous films had been filmed, such as Pride and Prejudice.

We ended this amazing day with an ice cream!

by Isabella, UV