Girls Take Their Hockey Skills Underwater!

On Monday 13th November, we had a visit from James Cook, former GB Underwater Hockey (a.k.a. Octopush) player, to run a taster session for our girls in the swimming pool. It was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to learn a new sport and a chance for them to step (or should I say swim) out of their comfort zone a little bit.

The girls were particularly amused by the equipment involved, with snorkels, lead weighted pucks, small sticks, flippers and gardening gloves! The girls absolutely loved the sport and found that not only was it good fun, but it was extremely good for their fitness – This due to the need to take a huge breath of air before plunging to the bottom of the pool to dribble the puck, only to have to come back up again to take another massive gulp of air.

The girls had a great time learning how to dribble, pass, communicate under water as well as play a match. The girls all really enjoyed it and we’re hoping that we might even be able to offer it as a club later on in the year. Watch this space Octopush players . . .