Fashion Show

On Saturday 7th March 2020 St Mary’s held their 5th biennial Fashion Show. The Theme of the show this year was ‘Our Planet’ with climate change and pollution being significant issues in our society. We felt that it was important to take steps this year to try to minimise our own contribution to this global issue by producing our fashion show using 100% recycled fabrics. There were the obvious exceptions of thread, dye and zips but almost all of what was seen on the evening had been produced using unwanted clothes, sheets, bedding, table cloths, napkins and even a couple of leaky old tents! The students embraced this practice and with a bundle of creativity and enthusiasm they produced some unique and ethically sound garments.

We were very pleased to be joined on the evening by Knighton House & Hanford School who both produced inspiring and creative collections. All the students had produced wonderful and superbly individual garments and presented them with confidence and poise on the catwalk. Many of the students helped to choreograph their group, selecting their own music and enabling them to create an individual and entertaining performance.


Photographs can be viewed here.