Dorset Schools Summer Games

The Dorset Schools Summer Games went off with a bang as the opening ceremony included an African drumming performance, a speech from Montell Douglas, 2008 Summer Olympian & 2018 Winter Olympian, and a mass warm up of all the participants, led by Bryanston’s fitness and dance instructors.

Alice Haworth writes, “We entered two teams of 4 girls into the rowing competition at Bryanston, who were hosting a small Olympic-style day.  Julia Sanchez Bonilla, Valentine Aeillo, Sio Oliver and Poppy Lewis represented LIV. The girls did extremely well in all their races, especially in the relay.  Unfortunately, at just the last second, another team overtook them and moved them down into 5th place.

Mia Diment, Scarlett Carrell, Belen de Mollinedo and Alice Haworth represented UIII. In the relay, the girls worked well as a team and seemed likely to come third, but in the last 20 seconds, Talbot Heath just beat them.

Everyone from both year groups were proud of their results. We all agreed the day was exhausting, yet full of excitement and fun.  A highlight was meeting Montell Douglas, an Olympic Bobsledder and runner. We would like to thank Miss Rees and Mrs Fearnley for a fabulous day.”