Coronavirus Update 19th March 2020

School Closure

Currently the school is open as usual, with the exception that fixtures, trips and external events are cancelled. From Friday evening, 20th March, the school will close until further notice. Teachers will concentrate on delivering online learning to all classes, and work will need to be submitted electronically. Details of this provision have been made available to all students, parents and guardians.

Boarders without other options for accommodation and who need to remain at school until the end of term, are welcome to do so.


Coronavirus Update 18th March 2020

For parents and guardians

If your daughter, or anyone in your household has symptoms of Coronavirus (even mild), all household members must stay at home and self-isolate for 14 days.

A reminder that the most obvious symptoms of Coronavirus are a raised temperature and a new, persistent, dry cough.

Please inform us if you are self-isolating by contacting Reception: telephone 01747 852416 or email

This is a dynamic situation and it is likely that things will change. We will continue to issue new information and guidance as appropriate.


Preventing infection at school:

One of the most important ways in which to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus infection is to observe the recommended hygiene precautions:

  • Parents and other visitors to St Mary’s should use hand sanitiser on entrance to the site. Entry must be made through our main reception area.


  • Children and staff must use hand sanitiser on entry to school, and should wash their hands for the recommended 20 seconds, regularly throughout the day. All must use hand sanitiser on entry to the refectory.


  • Any coughs or sneezes (most of which are normal for this time of year) must be ‘caught’ in a disposable tissue. ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’ is very sound advice.


Please note that we have in place a programme of daily additional cleaning and sanitising of horizontal and hand contact surfaces (door plates, computers, taps etc) throughout the site.