Collaboration and Leadership

On Saturday 4th November, a group of St Mary’s girls along with a group of girls visiting us from St Mary’s, Cambridge came together at St Mary’s Shaftesbury in order to participate in a leadership course hosted by Jo Cruse from ca company called “The Unreasonables”.

The Unreasonables are dedicated to creating cultures of leadership across the UK’s most ambitious schools through the delivery of inspirational programmes. During the conference, we were able to explore the many different variations and meanings of leadership. Jo was really great at getting us to evaluate where we are as leaders today and also what we can do in the future to enable us to reach our full potential.

It was wonderful to be able to share this experience with girls form our sister school in Cambridge, who like us, uphold the values and ethos of Mary Ward in our day to day life. To finish off the conference we were all asked to prepare and then a present a 2 minute talk on a subject of our choice. Although initially this seemed a bit daunting, everybody embraced the challenge and performed really well. We are all very grateful to have had this opportunity and look forward to many more like in the future. By Caro Borton

Jo Cruse, MD of The Unreasonables, who delivered the conference, said, “I was so inspired by the St Mary’s philosophy of leadership, and the school’s determination to bring the Mighty Girl ethos to St Mary’s. I really am passionate about the work you’re doing.

“The girls were wonderful – open, engaged and keen to embrace the array of activities and conversations the day presented them with.”

Feedback from the day indicated that the girls came out of the session feeling confident, encouraged and inspired. They were enthusiastic about what they’d learned, broadening their concept of the term ‘leader’ and understanding that they shouldn’t be afraid of being their own types of leaders, that self-doubt is something which affects everyone and that it’s not necessary to be an extrovert to be a leader.

“Fear of failure is just fear,” explains Jo, “not failure itself. The work I did with the girls is designed to help them see that they can use the tools of leadership in all parts of their lives and that they should embrace opportunities as chances to learn, as well as chances to succeed.”