Classics Trip to Port Regis

Our LIII girls were very lucky to be invited to join Port Regis students for a lecture on ‘The Gritty Reality of the Ancient Olympic Games’ given by Dr Michael Scott.

Two of our students, Maddie L and Beatrice C, have written delightful descriptions of their visit.

The Gritty Reality of the Ancient Olympic Games

On the 1st May 2018 we visited Port Regis School, located on the edge of Shaftesbury. It took a short period of time to arrive there and when we did, we were greeted by smiling Port Regis girls who led us to an outdoor climbing area where we played for a while.

We were then led into a large hall full of comfortable seats. We were allocated seats where we sat and waited for the lecture to begin. We were introduced to Dr Michael Scott by a kind woman who organised the event.

Dr Michael Scott stepped up to the lectern, he took a deep breath and started his presentation. Included here are a list of very interesting facts we learnt:

  • More than 40,000 people went to each Olympics.
  • They all slept in tents.
  • There was one water supply in which people would drink from, wash in and use as a loo.
  • People would bring their own food, which was brought as a whole animal.
  • Many sacrifices were made to the Goddess Athene.
  • The bodies of the sacrifices were burnt and formed a large hill known as the altar.
  • There was a lot of blood from the sacrifices.
  • There was 1 rule, you weren’t allowed to kill your opponent.
  • If you won, you would become a Greek hero.
  • If you lost, your own mother wouldn’t speak to you.
  • You would compete with no clothes on.
  • Lots of illnesses were around them because the blood attracted insects.


After the talk was over we had a cake in the Port Regis dining hall and then we headed back to St Mary’s.

Thank you to all of the teachers that organised the event, I am very grateful.

by Beatrice C

I walked out of the minibus and took a look at my surroundings. It was a nice calm school. We were kindly led by our wonderful host into the Hall. We all took our seats and waited momentarily for the lecture to begin.

Slowly the lights dimmed and Dr Michael Scott walked over to the lectern and began with, “Hello, my name is Dr Michael Scott and today we are going to talk about the Ancient Olympics.” I listened intently to what was said. We were told about how people watched the Olympics, how they were played and what happened. We were also told about how the Olympics was actually part of the Greek religion. We were told about different sacrifices made for the Gods during the Olympics.

After the amazing and educational lecture we were shown to the dining hall for cake and a drink. We sat there talking about the lecture and complimenting the school grounds. Then we all stood up and thanked our hosts and left. As we sat down on the minibus I thought about the lecture and came to realise the Ancient Olympics aren’t that nice.

I would prefer to attend the Modern Olympics because the Ancient Olympics would be very gory and you would only have one water supply that everyone (40,000 people) would have to wash and drink and go to the toilet in!

by Maddie L