Bronze and Silver DofE Training Expeditions

Bronze DofE 

Seventeen UIV girls successfully completed their Bronze DofE Training expedition with AtoZ Expeditions at the weekend. The expedition started at Berwick with the girls walking to their campsite at Sixpenny Handley. They had the opportunity to practise their campcraft skills, which included pitching their tents and cooking an evening meal.  For a number of girls, this was their first experience of camping. On Sunday the group successfully navigated their way from Sixpenny back to St Mary’s.

Many thanks to Calvin and Gina Bent who accompanied the girls and ensured the minibus support was in place. The girls are now well prepared for their qualifying expedition in the Purbecks in June.

Silver DofE 

Fifteen LV also successfully completed their Silver DofE training expedition over three days. The expedition took place in the New Forest starting at Burley, camping overnight at Wilverley enclosure and Pond Head (Lyndhurst) and finishing at the Canadian war memorial near Bolderwood. The girls learnt many new skills including navigating using a compass, the value of contouring as well as developing their campcraft and cooking skills over two nights. They also had a great deal of fun finding out how many ways they could cross a small stream with a fallen tree across it, proving they could work as a team and that their boots were waterproof!  Max (Mr Wiltshire’s dog) was a welcome sight at most of the checkpoints and kept the girls entertained.

Many thanks to Catherine Kelleher who stayed overnight with the girls and provided additional transport support.  The LV are now looking forward to their qualifying Expedition in the Black Mountains in June.

Rod Wiltshire

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