An interview with an UVI pupil on her recent Offer from Oxford

Congratulations to Megan F who received an offer from Oxford earlier this week, to read English at Balliol College. We asked her a few questions about what was involved in the interview process and what led to her desire to read English:

What did the interview at Oxford involve?

In December, I went up to Oxford for a few days. I stayed in Exeter College and had two interviews. I had another at St Hilda’s on the following day. It was great to meet everyone else there as it meant that you could enjoy the experience regardless of the pressure. I had to analyse a poem in each, while also discussing some of my interests and some general questions.

What kind of questions were you asked?

What constitutes a classic? Do all heroes have to have a flaw? Is Nick in ‘The Great Gatsby’ a hedonist? Could Macbeth ever be female?

What led to you wishing to study English?
I genuinely love reading and have done from a young age. I knew that I would always want to think about books and how different genres are appealing and why that’s the case.

How did St Mary’s staff help you with the process?

Mrs Brand and Mrs Key were incredibly supportive when preparing for the ELAT and the Oxford Essay, as well as giving me practice interviews. Dr Enos was great at being himself and giving me ‘Freddos’ when I was stressed!

How did you feel when you received your offer?

Overwhelmingly happy!