A Week of Trips!

This has truly been a week of trips and events to remember with girls from most year groups being out of school gaining knowledge and enjoying new experiences.

The LV visited ‘We The Curious’ in Bristol on Tuesday with members of the Science department. They spent an hour in the lab carrying out a forensics investigation, including DNA sampling to determine whether Big Foot was a new species or indeed just a bear! The 3D show in the Planetarium was a highlight for most, showing how our Blue Planet fits into our solar system and how life on Earth is being affected by pollution and human activity. Any free time over the day was spent in the Explore area of the institute looking at hundreds of science exhibits.

St Mary's Shaftesbury-Trips 1

UIV girls visited the Pitt Rivers & the Ashmolean museums this week. The trip was an introduction to the GCSE courses for some who are studying creative subjects next year.  The educational officer at Pitt Rivers spoke about everyday objects, their design and how humans have adapted and worked with them, aesthetically and practically. Pupils sketched and took photos of items such as coin stamps, saddles from around the world and various religious icons. After lunch on the lawn of the Natural History museum, the girls walked to the Ashmolean where they had an introductory tour of the Chinese art works, illuminated religious paintings, Flemish oil paintings and the Impressionists’ sketches. A wonderfully inspiring day out.

St Mary's Shaftesbury-Trips 2

Headmistress, Mrs Young, commented: “My thanks to all our staff for their very hard work in preparing so many exciting adventures for the girls, with more still to come. I would also like to thank the girls for their impeccable behaviour whilst out and about, something that is remarked upon in the regular letters I receive from those who have hosted them. People comment on our girls’ attentiveness and joy in learning, with hearts really open to new things and people. What more could we ask?”