A Spotlight on Science

Sixth Form

This week, sixth form physicists visited London’s Science Live for a series of lectures on topics such as Nuclear Physics, Gravity and Fluid Dynamics in the Arctic. The highlight was a talk on Quantum Biology by world renowned Physicist, Jim Al-Kalili. He introduced students to a brand new branch of Physics, bringing together the strange world of quantum mechanics to more familiar biological processes such as photosynthesis and bird navigation. Mr Lawrence, head of science, said: “It was inspiring to see not only cutting edge science and its implications but also several female scientists pioneering the way in their own areas of Physics.”


There was excitement among in the science department as UIII received their ‘Microscope Licence’. The girls have been using microscopes to consolidate their learning about the structure of animal and plant cells. They even successfully removed and viewed some of their own cheek cells!


LIII have been investigating the different properties of slime and evaluating different chemical combinations. The result – a lot of mess! The girls had great fun and also started to learn important evaluative skills, whilst honing their practical skills.