A Spotlight on English

As December approaches, UIII have been studying the medieval narrative poem,“Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” which begins at Christmas and recounts a test of courage and a test of heart for Sir Gawain. Written in about 1400, the poem is also a ghost story, a thriller, a romance, an adventure story and a morality tale. UIII has written descriptions of the Green Knight (below is an extract of Bibi’s vivid piece) and created pentangles (a symbol in the poem of all the knightly virtues)  decorated with the language of the poem. Please see the website for an extract of Bibi’s vivid piece.

“His emerald eyes are hollow and intimidating: look deep enough into them and you catch  a green flame blazing, forming into the shape of an emerald-encrusted axe. His hair shields his knife-edged cheekbones, ivy creeping up it twisting and curling into unusual and unique patterns. Little details are set in his hair; scenes from battles he has won and lost. A delicate crown of holly rests upon his mighty head, representing extreme power. His skin is a frightful colour of lime-green, deeper and stronger around the edge of his face……He understands he can put any person into a trance of fright and horror and knows that each night he haunts childrens’ dreams. However what most don’t understand is the fact that in the bottom of the green knight’s cold heart is a fragment of purity and goodness.”

Meanwhile members of UIV explore some classic gothic poetry by doing group presentations in class on Byron’s “Darkness” and Noyes “The Highwayman.”