A Day on Judaism

We were delighted to welcome Rabbi Reuben Livingstone and parent, Mrs Carrel, to a day on Judaism. The day began with an introduction to traditional Jewish food through which the L3 came to an understanding of its association with Jewish festivals. Caviar, Gefilte fish, cream cheese, egg with onion, Matzos and Lax adorned the table. The girls loved the lesson and really got a ‘taste’ of Judaism.

In the afternoon, the Lower V, Lower and Upper IV were invited to a lecture given by Rabbi Reuben. He spoke about the practices of Judaism, the celebration of Shabbat, the role of the synagogue, the expectation of the Messiah and the interfaith work that abounds between Christianity and Judaism. The students were invited to ask questions about any aspect of Judaism, which they did with great variety.  We look forward to deepening this relationship with Rabbi Reuben Livingstone, a very learned but humble gentleman, in the future.

St Mary's Shaftesbury-Rabbi Reuben Visit